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    Tiff Dew

    1. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is; caveat emptor!

    2. The Precision Rifle League® Ltd and the PRL Admin & Moderators accept no responsibility or liability for any sales or other arrangements in the PRL Trading Post. Remember rule one!

    3. The first unconditional commitment to buy (preferably on the post), should take precedence over statements of intent to purchase subject to a condition. However the sellers decision is final.

    4. No auctions, a price must always be stated for sales posts.

    5. No new items or items by way of trade or business, unless pre-approved by the PRL.

    6. No items on behalf of third parties.

    7. Only items related to precision rifle shooting i.e. no animals, alcohol, tobacco etc.

    8. You must be over eighteen to use the PRL Trading Post, reside in the UK or Europe and ensure your sale complies with all UK Laws.

    9. Be respectful of other buyers and sellers.

    10. You must not link anything from the PRL Trading Post to the Precision Rifle League Group on Facebook.

    11. Please edit the post title to Sold/Found (as applicable), so active posts can be identified.

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