The Precision Rifle League will encompass existing events throughout the United Kingdom and equally encourage new precision rifle shooting. The PRL’s primary aim is to provide a positive resource for fellow shooters, helping to develop and expand precision rifle shooting for the benefit of all. 

There are several unique precision rifle events across the UK.  However until now, there has been no single point of reference in relation to these great shoots.  The league is designed to address this, promoting these event and enabling shooters to see their progress on a national level for the first time.

Matches or Challenges as they are better known, will range from Scotland to Cornwall. Individuals can enter as many challenges as desired, with the top two scores from different locations counting towards their PRL Leaderboard place.

The Leaderboard will be split into two main elements: Open Division or Factory Division.  Beyond this there are sub categories such as International, Ladies, Parasport etc. However there are no trophies or prizes for categories, but they do provide useful information for the PRL and may help form additional Divisions in the future.   Please see the PRL Quick Reference Guide for an overview or the rules page for complete details.

At the end of each year, if you have made the commitment to attend two separate challenges and thus are on the leaderboard, you will be entered into the Precision Rifle League Sponsors Raffle.  This random raffle ensures no bias and guarantees everyone on the leaderboard (regardless of placing) has an equal chance of winning a prize.

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