Many initial questions can be answered by viewing the PRL Quick Reference Guide

For more in-depth questions, the Rules and Standard Operating Procedures page might well cover it.

Some frequently asked questions are also covered below; although if you are still none the wiser but the end, please contact: 


  • How much does it cost to join the Precision Rifle League?
  • For its inaugural year, there is NO additional fee on top of individual challenge fees to shoot in the PRL. Simply register for the challenges you wish to shoot and you are part of the League.  Indeed the intention is to NEVER charge individual shooters for membership!  However for this policy to be a success, please join the free Forum to help support the PRL.


  • What is the process for booking in & when does registration for each challenge open?
  • Registration is now live for both the Roundhouse Rifle Challenge. Registrations for the Orion Challenge will start soon. Please follow the links in the questions below and contact each Match Director directly to register.


  • How do I register for the Roundhouse Rifle Challenge (RRC)?
  • Please look HERE for further information and contact details.


    • How do I register for the Orion Mountain Challenge (OMC)?
    • Please look HERE for further information and contact details.


    • I am interested in becoming a PRL sponsor, who should I contact?
    • All PRL sponsorship is managed by PRL Director Tiff Dew: +44 7581 325328


    • Do all categories offer trophies?
    • There are no trophies or prizes for categories, but they provide useful information for the PRL and may help form additional Divisions in the future.  At each challenge and overall from the leaderboard (after the last challenge of the year), there are only trophies available for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Open and Factory Divisions.
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