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    So as a man with not a load of cash, I felt I should get a 6.5 Creedmore. Remington barrel and action £600 MDT chassis £700 and I was in business. That was the cheapest I could get it done. I had a very cheap bushnell scope on, and decided I should upgrade, so I pulled a Kahles (NOT CHEAP) off my savage and shot Sellier and Bellot 6.5 Cm ammo. The results were quite stunning for the price. S&B is slow, but very very consistent and reliable, even out to 1400 yards. I would happily use it again, and the RRP is £0.85 a round. (I get it for a bit less at the moment).

    Here is my dope table for the sellier and bellot from a 24 inch barrel. I hope this helps any other newbies like me.

    yards speed MOA MRAD
    200.0 2328.0 U1.7 U0.5
    300.0 2171.9 U4.3 U1.3
    400.0 2023.4 U7.4 U2.1
    500.0 1879.6 U10.9 U3.2
    600.0 1744.1 U14.7 U4.3
    700.0 1614.7 U19.1 U5.9
    800.0 1495.2 U23.9 U7.1
    900.0 1385.4 U29.3 U8.5
    1000.0 1285.6 U35.4 U10.3
    1100.0 1199.6 U42.1 U12.3
    1200.0 1126.9 U49.8 U15.5
    1300.0 1068.7 U58.2 U16.9
    1400.0 1021.0 U67.5 U19.7

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