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    Martin Harris

    Another very good article just recently posted by Carl Zant of the precision rifle blog with regards caliber choice for the past season. I already knew a large number of shooters had switched to the Dasher, but was unaware how widespread the use of the 6br parent case was across the board. Heres a link to the article, Tiff since the forum is new if this is unacceptable feel to take it down.

    Rifle Caliber – What The Pros Use

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    Tiff Dew

    Hi Martin, the forums all about expanding precision rifle shooting and the knowledge base around the sport. That article is a pretty good first post in my books…I’m looking forward to reading it tomorrow, when things calm down a bit from the launch.



    Excellent article

    Bring on more 6mm’s – plenty of re-barrels for half way through the season,,,,😃

    Interesting that the 6.5×47 is only slightly behind the BR


    Martin Harris

    Thanks Tiff, I ran a 308 for many years before switching to the 260 about a decade ago. Still shoot the 260 in team matches, primarily the Riflemans Team Challenge. Been shooting the dasher for about two years, I think a lot of people will be surprised at its barrel life compared to what I consider full charge sixes, such as the 6slr, 6creed and even the 6xc.



    Very good article, I’m looking forward to the rest is the series once all the numbers are crunched.

    I’m only starting out at this game and having a 223 trainer built for practice while I decide on what my “comp” caliber will be.
    223 for high volume practice and my 284 will do for more serious stuff right now, no doubt I’ll settle on a 6mm or 6.5, I’m leaning towards 6.5 though..


    Mark Twittey

    I have been using a 6×47 Lapua for years (Necked down 6.5×47 L)
    Using 105 Berger Hybrids…Does the job very nicely
    Little recoil and very accurate.
    6mm’s are the way to go out to 1200m.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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