Precision Rifle League 22

The Precision Rifle League 22 is starting in June 2021. The PRL22 will run alongside the Precision Rifle League as a separate .22 rimfire national league.

Just like the current centerfire Precision Rifle League Challenges, PRL22 matches will predominantly involve shooting from barricades and other props, requiring multi-positional precision rifle skills.

Each month different courses of fire will be published on the PRL website. One CoF will utilise steel targets and one CoF will be based on paper on targets. Both will contain five PRL22 stages and targets will be placed at 25, 50, 75 & 100 metres or yards.  There will also be a reduced distance 50 metre or yard paper version.  Clubs and ranges from across the British Isles will be able to offer the PRL22, enabling everyone to compete in precision rifle shooting.

There are no fees from the PRL associated with these monthly courses of fire.  Some clubs and ranges may choose to charge their members a small fee to shoot the CoF each month, helping cover the cost of targets and barricades.  Other clubs and ranges may include it as part of their membership.  In either case, it will be as low cost for the competitors as possible.  

All clubs and ranges participating in these monthly matches can submit their competitors’ scores to the PRL. These will be published on the PRL website and associated social media accounts each month; thereby allowing competitors to see their current place on the national PRL22 Leaderboard. The season will run from June 2021 to April 2022.

The top 100 competitors will then be invited to the PRL22 National Finale in May 2022. This event will involve short and long range .22LR precision rifle shooting on steel and other reactive targets out to 250m.

There will be further information and guidance (i.e. barricade designs, open and factory divisions etc.) issued over the coming weeks.

To register your interest in competing or indeed offering the PRL22 monthly matches, please use the contact form on the PRL website or email: