PRL Quick Ref. Guide

There are two main challenge (match) formats in the PRL, Short Range Precision (SRP) & Long Range Precision (LRP).  Both predominantly utilise reactive steel targets.

Short Range Precision (SRP) challenges consist of:

Targets between 25m to 1000m 

Maximum limits .30 cal & 3,200fps

100 rounds maximum per day

Held over one or two consecutive days

8 to 10+ separates stages per day

One day SRP challenges may be preceded or followed by a one day LRP challenge.

No more than 40% of stages will be purely prone – with barricades and natural terrain forming most firing points. 

SRP challenges are used to qualify for the PRL Leaderboards.

A competitors PRL Leaderboard placing is comprised of their best SRP adjusted percentage points from two different ranges.  For example, a competitor could shoot at Orion twice achieving 57% & 85% and Bisley once scoring 80%.  The 85% & 80% scores would be combined to 165% for the PRL Leaderboard. 

6.5mm calibre rounds currently dominate SRP, such as 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 PRC. Fast twist 6mm’s like 6XC or 6 Lapua are gaining popularity, but the ‘splash signature’ from a missed shot is harder to spot with these smaller projectiles.  

Long Range Precision (LRP) challenges consist of: 

Targets between 300m to 1,400m

Calibre & velocity limits defined by the range 

40 to 60 rounds per day

6 to 10 separates stages

Held over one day

LRP challenges may be preceded or followed by a SRP challenge.

At least 80% of the stages will be prone / modified prone.

LRP challenges are separate day events and do not qualify for the main PRL Leaderboards.

LRP challenges are the only PRL events shot as a pair – composed in advance or on the day.

Trophies awarded to the top pair, for both factory and open div. on the day.  These are split according to calibre: up to and incl. 6.5mm, up to and including .30cal, over .30cal (max depending on range rules). 

Fast 6mm’s, 6.5 Creedmoor & 6.5 PRC currently rule the 6.5 class.  300 Norma Magnum and 300 PRC perform well in the .30 cal class.  .338 Lapua and various .375 derivatives are most common in the over .30 class.

Common across both SRP & LRP Challenges:

Ranges the PRL currently use are: Valhalla Precision (East Scotland), National Shooting Centre Bisley (South East England) and Orion Firearms Training (Mid Wales); with more ranges to follow soon.

The PRL is competitive target shooting and the competitors firearms certificates (FAC’s) should be conditioned for ‘Target Shooting’.  The PRL is in the process of becoming a Home Office approved club and this will aid in this process.  In the meantime, if you need to have target shooting added to your FAC please join a H.O. approved club such as the NRA.  

Non FAC holders, under close supervision and subject to relevant checks, are able to compete in the PRL.  Please contact the PRL for further details.   

The Course of Fire (CoF) describing and detailing the days shooting is issued on the morning of the challenge. Upon arriving at a challenge you must seek the registration point and collect your CoF.  This can then be studied and annotated (ballistic data etc) before the morning briefing.

 “Impact” is called if the shooter hits the target.  No call or correction is given for a miss until after the stage is completed. 

At least 60% of targets will be AR500 (or similar grade hardness) reactive steel. The remaining being paper, electronic or non-steel reactive targets.

Targets only worth 1 or 2 points per impact.

Trophies are awarded to the top scoring competitors on each day.  This is referred to as ‘raw score’.

PRL Leaderboard positions are calculated using the ‘Plum Scoring System’ (See the PRL rules page for further information).

Two Primary Divisions – Open & Factory.

Open Division, no limits on rifle or optics value.

Factory Division, maximum £1,500 factory rifle & £1,500 optic value (£3,000 total). Limits on alterations permitted to the rifle – please see the PRL rules.

Training Division is designed for new shooters or those looking to receive coaching whilst shooting a stage.  Corrections are called during the stage, but scores are not included on the results board (other than for reference) or overall PRL Leaderboards. 

The shortened PRL 2020 season has been extended to the end of 2021. 

The PRL Sponsors Raffle will be drawn at the final challenge of the season.