The Roundhouse Rifle Challenge (RRC) is the most established field based precision rifle shooting event of its kind in the UK.  It is held seasonally on Bodmin Moor by Tiff Dew of Roundhouse Firearms Training, at a location known as ‘The Roundhouse’.  The RRC has evolved over the past decade, yet its core intent remains the same: To test the shooters ability to safely and effectively shoot in any scenario they may conceivably encounter in the field. 

Through shooting the challenge, participants acquire and refine shooting skills that will undoubtedly benefit their day to day shooting. Due to the varied nature of the challenge, issues with kit and equipment come to the forefront far quicker than normal. This allows any improvements to be made in advance of the next range or hunting trip; hopefully increasing the chances of success significantly.

To facilitate with travel arrangements a list of nearby accommodation and amenities will be provided at registration.  Additionally modest bunkhouse accommodation and endless camping is available on site for £10 & £5 respectively.  An ideal option if attending the barbecue Friday and Saturday evenings. 

The entry fee is £160 per challenge weekend, with entries limited to forty five. 

Registration will be via Roundhouse Firearms Training:

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